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water and waste water treatment

A Natural way to solve your problem

Harvest Chemicals can cater to all your chemical requirements for treating wastewater in industrial and municipal settings. Our range of products includes defoamers, flocculants, inorganic and organic polymers, and filter aids.

Our team of technical specialists can assist you in optimizing your treatment process, minimizing expenses, and resolving compliance issues. Harvest Chemicals' experienced staff can guide you through the increasingly stringent regulatory landscape that most businesses face. By utilizing our expertise in chemicals and equipment, we can aid you in creating inventive solutions to meet your rigorous demands. Additionally, Harvest Chemicals is involved in designing and manufacturing equipment for wastewater treatment.



Harvest CA Products for coagulation of tough to treat waste streams: Food Processors, Metal Finishers, Chemical Manufacturers, Paper & Pulp Mills, Electronics Manufacturers. Improved TSS, BOD, Oil & Grease and metals removal.
Harvest Organic Coagulant
Harvest ACH (alternative to PAC)


Harvest Harfloc (cationic, Anionic & Non ionic) Flocculants for clarification, flotation and sludge dewatering.
Harfloc A series anionic charges
Harfloc C series cationic charges


Harvest PolyVer products provide metals removal to ultra-low ppb concentrations.


Harvest Melasil complete defoamer line eliminates foam from all processes: food processors, pulp & paper, textile, automotive and metal finishers. Food grade defoamers available.
Melasil DF series fatty acid based
Melasil SB Silicone base
Melasil EO Ethylene Oxide base


Harvest BC is a revolutionary bacteria-based product designed to help treat inlet waste water and eliminate pollutants. By using a combination of aeration and anaerobic processes, Harvest BC breaks down organic matter, reduces COD/BOD, and effectively removes phenol and ammonia. This cutting-edge biological treatment system is the perfect solution for wastewater treatment plants looking to reduce pollutant levels and help protect our environment. With Harvest BC, you can help reduce wastewater pollution and improve the efficiency of your wastewater treatment process. Invest in Harvest BC today and make a difference!


We could provide you for a specific products based on your process conditions and problems.
The product will be formulated based on your requirement.

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