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Depsolv 7010

A Biodegradable acid descalers

DEPSOLV 7010 is an acid alternative with no fumes or odors. This safe, but effective alternative is a newly developed concept in chemistry. Non-corrosive! Does not contain muriatic, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, sulfuric, or phosphoric acids. 


DEPSOLV 7010 is a safe, environmentally-friendly liquid alternative to aggressive acid scale removers. DEPSOLV 7010 can be used to remove cured Carbonate scales, concrete, green liquor deposit, piping deposit from most surfaces.

Application Method







In DEPSOLV(TM)7010, you will no need the Acid Corrosion Inhibitor for corrosion preventive.

Since Depsolv 7010 do not attack any metal  surface.



 • Boiler
• Evaporator
• Condenser, Cooling
• Piping installation
• Reverse Osmosis
• Desalination
• Black Liquor / Green Liquor

DEPSOLV(TM)7010 proves to be a versatile and valuable chemical compound with a myriad of advantages spanning diverse industries. Its distinctive characteristics render it a preferred option for a wide array of applications.

1. Non-Volatile and Non-Oxidizing
In contrast to volatile acids, DEPSOLV(
TM)7010 is non-volatile, ensuring safer handling and diminished risks of hazardous vapors. Moreover, its non-oxidizing nature minimizes the likelihood of material corrosion or degradation, making it compatible with an extensive range of substances.

2. Versatile Solvent
Boasting exceptional solvency, DEPSOLV(
TM)7010 serves as an effective solvent for both polar and non-polar compounds. It dissolves a variety of organic and inorganic substances, facilitating processes such as extraction, purification, and synthesis in many industries.

3. Stability and Prolonged Shelf Life
Renowned for its outstanding stability, DEPSOLV(
TM)7010 can be stored for extended periods without significant decomposition or potency loss. This stability translates to a lengthier shelf life compared to many other corrosive acids, enabling improved inventory management and reduced wastage.

4. Environmentally Friendly
TM)7010 stands out positively in terms of environmental impact. It’s biodegradable, undergoing natural breakdown processes over time. Providing environmental benefits through easy recyclability, it generates "green" effluent. This recyclable nature allows for efficient reuse and waste reduction. Furthermore, DEPSOLV(TM)7010 is deemed a "green" effluent, producing environmentally friendly effluent that minimizes harm to ecosystems.

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