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About Us
Harvest Chemical was established on September 2000, under name of CV Harvest Chemical Solutions by providing chemical water treatment and cleaning services using polymer technology.
In January 2008, change its name to PT Indonesia Harvest Chemical focusing in specialty chemicals, product development and services.
Harvest Chemical offers a full line of state-of-the-art chemical compounds for water treatment, Anti-scalant Oilfield Production, Corrosion Inhibitor and many more. We put our compounds to the test not only in the field but in the laboratory, as well. Tests are conducted on a cyclical, long-term basis under conditions that simulate anticipated usage for the materials.

We purchase only quality materials from high integrity suppliers, and then all material passes through an incoming material inspection. We assure the highest quality processing by laboratory monitoringpermanent batch ticket records and analysis and approval by our laboratory.

Using highly up-to-date technology and continuous   research, Harvest Chemical Solution is able to create a variety of cost-effective compounds while always regarding environmental regulations.
At Harvest Chemical, we are working in every possible way to uniquely cater the customer’s needs through our high quality products and services.
We are excited to share with you on the many different fronts that Harvest Chemical has delivered these valued products and services and unique offerings,
Looking at our products, we may see that each is tailored to delight our customers.
We pride ourselves as an innovative company who are keen in passing along the many different products and technologies that enrich the customer’s needs.
While we feel that we are well conducted with our customers, we are also well connected to the community that we live in. We believes that a sustainable development of Indonesia society is prerequisite to assuring a conductive business environment.
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