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Boiler Water Treatment

  • Polymer-based chemical treatment
  • Small dosages
  • Complete ranges for Boiler water treatment packages
  • Ready for Total Water Management
 scale and corrosion inhibitor
  • CALGUARD LB for low-Pressure Boiler

  • CALGUARD MB for Medium Pressure Boiler

  • Hipower for High-Pressure Boiler


We could provide a custom-made scale inhibitor based on your water characteristics.

OXYGONE oxygen scavenger

Oxygone OS : Sulfite base

Oxygone HZ : Hydrazine base

Oxygone CHD : Carbohydrazide base


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A dispersant is a type of chemical additive used in water treatment processes to disperse particles and prevent them from aggregating or settling. Dispersants are typically surfactants or polymers that can be either anionic, cationic, or non-ionic in nature, and they work by reducing the surface tension between particles and the surrounding liquid. This allows for the particles to remain suspended in the water, which can prevent the formation of unwanted deposits or blockages in pipes, tanks, and other water treatment equipment.

Dispersants are commonly used in a variety of water treatment applications, such as in the treatment of wastewater, drinking water, and industrial process water. They can be used to disperse a wide range of particles, including organic and inorganic solids, suspended solids, and biological contaminants, among others. The choice of dispersant depends on the specific properties of the particles to be dispersed, as well as the environmental and operational conditions of the water treatment system.

HD Series : Dispersants for removing Calcium and Silt

SD Series : Dispersants for removing Silica

FD Series : Dispersants for removing Iron Oxide and deposit

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