Boiler Water Treatment

  • Polymer-based chemical treatment
  • Small dosages
  • Complete ranges for Boiler water treatment packages
  • Ready for Total Water Management
 scale and corrosion inhibitor
  • CALGUARDTM LB for low-Pressure Boiler

  • CALGUARDTM MB for Medium Pressure Boiler

  • Hipower for High-Pressure Boiler


We could provide a custom-made scale inhibitor based on your water characteristics.

OXYGONE oxygen scavenger

Oxygone OS : Sulfite base

Oxygone HZ : Hydrazine base

Oxygone CHD : Carbohydrazide base


HD Series : Dispersants for removing Calcium and Silt

SD Series : Dispersants for removing Silica

FD Series : Dispersants for removing Iron Oxide and deposit