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Cooling Water Treatment


  • General purpose scale inhibitor/dispersant
  • Effective on a variety of foulants and scale formers (calcium phosphate, 
    calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and silt).
  • Superior calcium carbonate inhibition performs in high alkalinity/hardness and  high total dissolved solids systems.
  • “Unique Polymer” - used in high hardness waters that have side stream softening allowing hardness removal in the softener.
  • Maximum Silica dispersancy and Magnesium Silicate scale inhibition (OPTICORRTM 750)
  • superior scale inhibitor because it prevents the formation of these large crystals.
Introducing OPTICORR - our innovative polymer technology that inhibits scale buildup on surfaces using three powerful mechanisms. By enhancing solubility, modifying crystals, and preventing agglomeration, OPTICORR keeps your cooling water systems running smoothly and efficiently. As water reuse and waste stream reduction become increasingly important, OPTICORR provides a solution that allows for higher water cycles and prevents fouling caused by naturally occurring salts. With OPTICORR, you can achieve optimal system performance at higher pH levels, while simultaneously controlling calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. Trust Harvest Chemical Solutions to revolutionize your cooling water treatment with OPTICORR.
Say goodbye to scale buildup with OPTICORR series polymer - the ultimate solution for preventing the deposition of inorganic salts on surfaces! Unlike other inhibitors and dispersants, OPTICORR goes above and beyond by utilizing a unique crystal growth mechanism that ensures uniform crystal sizes. This prevents the formation of large, stubborn crystals that can damage your equipment and decrease its efficiency. With OPTICORR, calcium salt crystals grow uniformly and do not adhere strongly to surfaces, making them easily removable by flowing water. Don't settle for ordinary inhibitors that accelerate the growth of large crystals. Trust OPTICORR to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently!


Non-oxidizing biocides are a type of chemical treatment used to control the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae in various water systems. Unlike oxidizing biocides, which use oxidizing agents like chlorine or hydrogen peroxide to kill microorganisms, non-oxidizing biocides work by disrupting cellular function or by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

Non-oxidizing biocides can be used in a variety of applications, including cooling towers, closed-loop systems, and wastewater treatment facilities. They are often preferred over oxidizing biocides because they are less corrosive and have a longer residual effect, which means they can remain effective for a longer period of time. Additionally, non-oxidizing biocides are less likely to create harmful disinfection byproducts.

Overall, non-oxidizing biocides provide a safe, effective, and cost-efficient solution for controlling microbial growth in water systems, while minimizing environmental impact and preserving the integrity of equipment.



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